The Pieces of the RAF Music Video

Today July 24th 2017 was the release of A$AP Mobs “RAF” music video. It featured some of the greatest Raf Simons pieces from his career. The music video was done in a vintage film direction with fuzzy camera effects. There is over $100,000 worth of Raf Simons pieces, from early collections such as S/S 2002 and F/W 03-04 to newer age collections including the Robert Maplethorpe SS17 and Sterling Ruby FW 2014-2015. The parkas alone are a reason to see the video.

The first pieces that are truly beautiful is the opening S/S 2002 Kollaps sleeveless hoodie and the head wrap. It was filmed in a way similar to the way the runway show was displayed, with the flare being held. (image taken from

Screenshot at Jul 24 11-22-44.png

(Above is the runway show from S/S 2002 and below is the “RAF” music video)

Screenshot at Jul 24 11-20-34.png

The style of filming is similar to a runway show the walk stop and show off the pieces. It is apparent by the pieces shown that the most favoured seasons are S/S 2002 and Sterling Ruby F/W 2014-2015. There are pieces from many other collections including FW 2002-2003, plenty of Raf Simons Adidas shoes, and a personal favourite piece of mine from the “poltergeist” capsule collection. The collection of parkas alone is insane. The most notable one is the Peter Saville “New Order” parka. That specific parka has sold for $7000 USD. (Image Below).

Screenshot at Jul 24 11-41-08.png

Above is a few of the parkas from the video. two more examples of great pieces are the ones below. Quavo is wearing the FW 2005-2006 “Poltergeist” parka. below Quavo is Rocky, he is wearing a FW 2014-2015 Sterling Ruby parka.

Screenshot at Jul 24 11-47-20.pngScreenshot at Jul 24 11-46-56.png

Even if you are not a hip-hop fan this video is great to watch just to see the archival Raf Simons pieces. There are some really rare coveted pieces, the video is a great display and clear inspiration of Raf’s early work and Raf’s overall aesthetic. All images taken from the music video, besides the runway show picture.