The Pieces of the RAF Music Video

Today July 24th 2017 was the release of A$AP Mobs “RAF” music video. It featured some of the greatest Raf Simons pieces from his career. The music video was done in a vintage film direction with fuzzy camera effects. There is over $100,000 worth of Raf Simons pieces, from early collections such as S/S 2002 and F/W 03-04 to newer age collections including the Robert Maplethorpe SS17 and Sterling Ruby FW 2014-2015. The parkas alone are a reason to see the video.

The first pieces that are truly beautiful is the opening S/S 2002 Kollaps sleeveless hoodie and the head wrap. It was filmed in a way similar to the way the runway show was displayed, with the flare being held. (image taken from

Screenshot at Jul 24 11-22-44.png

(Above is the runway show from S/S 2002 and below is the “RAF” music video)

Screenshot at Jul 24 11-20-34.png

The style of filming is similar to a runway show the walk stop and show off the pieces. It is apparent by the pieces shown that the most favoured seasons are S/S 2002 and Sterling Ruby F/W 2014-2015. There are pieces from many other collections including FW 2002-2003, plenty of Raf Simons Adidas shoes, and a personal favourite piece of mine from the “poltergeist” capsule collection. The collection of parkas alone is insane. The most notable one is the Peter Saville “New Order” parka. That specific parka has sold for $7000 USD. (Image Below).

Screenshot at Jul 24 11-41-08.png

Above is a few of the parkas from the video. two more examples of great pieces are the ones below. Quavo is wearing the FW 2005-2006 “Poltergeist” parka. below Quavo is Rocky, he is wearing a FW 2014-2015 Sterling Ruby parka.

Screenshot at Jul 24 11-47-20.pngScreenshot at Jul 24 11-46-56.png

Even if you are not a hip-hop fan this video is great to watch just to see the archival Raf Simons pieces. There are some really rare coveted pieces, the video is a great display and clear inspiration of Raf’s early work and Raf’s overall aesthetic. All images taken from the music video, besides the runway show picture.



My Favourite Raf Simons Adidas Footwear

Raf Simons collaborations with Adidas have always been a staple in my sneaker rotation starting with the Spring/Summer 15 Stan Smiths. Ever since then I have been buying one or two pairs every season. I currently have six pairs from their collections, over the years Raf has been creating new silhouettes and re-releasing the same silhouettes in different materials and colours. They are a perfect match together having the minimalist and futuristic designs of Raf Simons and the comfort, durability, and affordable price points of Adidas. These styles come with a extra pair of laces, the shoe itself, and a care card outlining the ways to care for the shoe and keep it in good condition.

6. Spring/Summer 15′ Platform

This was the introductory season for me to Raf Simons and his Adidas collections. This colour way is red, light blue, and black. It features a few hard plastic bubbles in with and a single velcro strap that is on quite a few of Raf’s signature collections footwear. The Adidas branding is very minimal, it features the 3 Adidas stripes on the back heel tap in black. My favourite part of this shoe is the unique silhouette and nothing makes you cooler than being 2 inches taller.
SS15 Platform

5. Spring/Summer 15′ Bounce

Another unique design from Raf, this iteration of the bounce sneaker has a Asian inspired print on the canvas upper, black and grey lower, and a contrasting touch on the orange and silver sole. The sole is made of hard plastic, the design looks like a running shoe was cut in half and stuck inside another shoe. These are one of the more comfortable styles Raf has designed.


4. Fall/Winter 15′ Robot

Ever wanted to wear a spaceship on your feet? You can with this NASA inspired training shoe. Mixes of leather and mesh on the body of the shoe, with a crooked lace up, small and oversized eyelets, and button/screw accents. This style may have not been the most popular design, sitting on shelves till sale time, but it is one of the lesser known and more  “out there” designs. I missed out on these when they were in stores but to this day when I find a pair it will be an instant purchase.Adidas-Raf-Simons-FW15-14.jpg

3. Spring/Summer 16′ Ozweego 2

The first ozweego on my list, I like the mixes of blues, black, brown, and the touch of pink on this colour way. It features mostly mesh with touches of leather around the eyelets, lower, and around the bubbles. This shoe has the minimalistic Adidas branding with three black stripes on the back. This colour way was reproduced in Spring Summer 16′ with slight changes to the blues and removing the pink. The Ozweego is a less accepted by the public Raf Simons shoe. It’s a love it or hate it shoe.

SS16 Kypgre

2. Spring/Summer 17′ Ozweego

The most popular Raf Simons and Adidas shoe in my opinion, selling out within days of hitting stores. I was lucky enough to have been online at the time of release to snag a pair towards the end of its availability. It is very different from the older Ozweego styles, featuring no mesh and black writing on the shoe inside the bubbles. It is a mix of cream, beige, and white. It was inspired by winter boots, it included instructions on how to tie to keep your feet warm. They are one of the only shoes to have very visible Raf Simons branding. Typically it is hard to see the Raf branding but on this one it is on the upper in black bold lettering.


1. Spring/Summer 15′ Stan Smith

This style is my personal favourite because it was the first pair of high end shoes I purchased. Very identical to the regular Adidas Stan Smith but is made of premium leather, a perforated R, Raf Simons face on one of the tongues, and has a top notch suede heel tab. It was a hard concept for most people to understand, spending almost $500 on a shoe that without the R is $50-$70. It has aged very well, I wore these shoes every day for about 6 months. It is a clean white shoe, it should be a staple in any persons shoe rotation.



All photos taken from google images.