The 5 Favourite Menswear Items I Own

5. Raf Simons Stan Smiths:

The first Raf piece I ever bought. I was 16 and had a part time job washing dishes. I saved  up three paycheques to be able to afford these shoes. I wore them everyday for about 6 months till I decided to buy another pair of shoes. The ones I have are the classic Stan Smith colour way and feature a perforated R on the side where the Adidas stripes would go.


4. FW13 Saint Laurent Biker Jeans:

There is no item that I have hunted for longer than this one, I ended up finding them on Grailed 2 years after the release. This is one of the greatest pairs of denim I have ever owned. They are black denim with leather panels on the knees and sides of legs. These were not cheap to find in new condition 2 years after the release.


3. Rick Owens Cargo Jacket:

One thing I have always been a fan of is impractical amounts of pockets. It has over 15 pockets all one the outside, velcro patch, and the classic Rick Owens asymmetrical design. The zipper is a little worn out but the thin nylon material makes it great for all 4 seasons and waterproof for Vancouver weather.


2. Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby Bleached Denim:

The pure exclusivity of this item makes it top 5, but the fact that each pair has its own unique design makes it even better. This was another hunt item and my introductory season to Raf. The one downside is that they are so heavily bleached that every wear more small holes appear on the bleached areas. It it more a piece of art then a pair of jeans.


1. Rick Owens DRKSHDW Degrade Denim Jacket:

The most expensive, limited and best item I own is my Rick Owens DrkShdw denim jacket. It is cut and sewn from 4 different types of denim (raw, waxed, bleached, and a navy denim). I can not find another one anyway I look, it may have been a Nordstrom exclusive item. I have looked everywhere to find one but I am just redirected to Nordstrom’s website to the SOLD OUT sign. It features a carry strap on the inside of the jacket and the classic massive Rick Owens Pockets. I have no regrets from buying this item and spending over a year of car insurance on.



The Timeline Of The Rick Owens Geobasket

It all started in 2008 Rick Owens was not happy with the basketball shoes that were around. He wanted to give them a little flair so Rick designed the Geobasket “Dunk”. These sneakers were all leather with a side zipper and an exaggerated tongue.


They featured a side “swoosh” that upset Nike, Rick was sued for the resemblance of this design. These were the first iteration of the famous shoe. After this altercation with Nike this design was discontinued. Around 2010 the “Dunk” was brought back to the drawing board and soon after the debut of the Geobasket had arrived.


The “swoosh” was scrapped and featured the same all leather design with the side zipper.   This release had a triangle on the side. The shoe has remained a popular seller to this day. These are a staple in any Rick Owens fans sneaker rotation. Geobaskets look good brand new and beat up. If you want to spend $900 USD on a nice beater I would highly recommend these. These sneakers go well with a full Rick goth ninja outfit and A$AP Rocky lyrics.

All photos taken from grailed and personal photos